CAST Studio


A community-driven NFT Launchpad that rewards investors and artists

Everyone likes a good story.

Let us help you share yours.

Type anything.

Buttons, cards, components, icons, illustrations, even full page sections. Fantom uses the power of AI and machine learning to generate whatever you need.

Endless components variations.

Don’t like what you see? Fantom can generate multiple versions of your components.

Inspired by others? Use it as a visual direction.

Fantom can recognize prompts from several designers from different fields and generate UI elements based on their design style.

The Art of Payment

castello coin

The coin acts as a bridge between the traditional world of finance, traditional forms of investment, traditional art and the new world of cryptocurrencies and the digital age
How it works


Step 1

Buy Castello Coin using your credit card or cryptocurrencies
Buy Castello

Step 2

Stake your Castello Coins to get rewards in CAST Token

Step 3

Use your CAST Token to vote for or against upcoming new NFT projects

Step 4

Invest in emerging high-potential NFT projects before anyone else does




The staking mechanism automatically locks up Castello Coins from the market based on organic demand, creating a long-term positive impact on the price as the circulating supply is continuously reduced. This deflationary effect enhances the value of available Castello Coins.

Artist  Reserve


The Artist Reward Reserve is a pool of CAST tokens dedicated to incentivizing long-term partnerships and deals with existing artists and NFT communities joining the CAST Studio ecosystem to create exclusive works for CAST and release new artworks on CAST, based on the shared interest in token value creation.

Voting Rewards


The Voting Rewards mechanism provides organic and sustainable incentives to our active community members who participate in the continuous development of the protocol through voting, fostering long-term, autonomous protocol improvement.

Liquidity Providing


The company maintains active positions in decentralized market makers like Uniswap, fully autonomous trading platforms operating globally around the clock. When the token price increases, it usually leads to higher profits from these pools, causing an imbalance in token liquidity provision.

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